NSW Public Art Toolkit

Interloop, Chris Fox, 2017, Wynyard Station, Sydney. Photography: Josh Raymond.

The Public Art Toolkit aims to help NSW Government agencies and local councils apply best practice principles to planning, commissioning, implementing and maintaining public art.

Designed to be user-friendly, the interactive guide includes quick reference links to each step from planning, commissioning, implementing, and maintaining public art throughout its lifespan.

The toolkit identifies the vital contribution and involvement of Aboriginal communities in the development of public art on Aboriginal land. Five key principles for engagement are outlined: cultural authority and agency; recognising rights and maintaining culture; prior informed consent and consultation; integrity of Aboriginal culture; and attribution and sharing benefits.

The Toolkit guidance notes and case studies summarise and illustrate the key steps in successfully creating public art along with links to further specialist information.

Download a copy of the NSW Public Art Toolkit 2023.

Image: Interloop,  Chris Fox, 2017, Wynyard Station, Sydney. Photography: Josh Raymond.