Screen NSW

For information on screen funding and incentives or filming in NSW, please visit the Screen NSW website. Create NSW (a newly amalgamated agency incorporating Arts NSW and Screen NSW from 1 April 2017) is the NSW Government’s agency for arts, screen and culture in NSW.

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Cultural Infrastructure in NSW – Have Your Say

Cultural Infrastructure in NSW – Have Your Say

Nine out of 10 NSW residents enjoy the arts every year. The NSW Government is seeking input from the sector and the community on arts and cultural spaces in NSW. Find out more and complete a short survey. More


Artstate Lismore 2017: Q&A with Soumik Datta
Artstate Lismore 2017: Q&A with Karoline Trollvik
Alison Bell on Australia’s new witty “mum-splaining” satire: The Letdown

CREATE NSW | What we do

Create NSW is the NSW Government's arts and culture policy and development body. We provide support to artists and key arts and cultural organisations through our infrastructure and funding programs, and targeted strategies.More

Create NSW acknowledges and respects the Traditional Owners & Custodians of the Lands in which we live & work.