Rolling out the red carpet for Sydney Film Festivals

The Aperture Club! Image courtesy Queer Screen.

Local and visiting filmgoers are set to be entertained with a range of exciting and diverse film screenings and events to be held across Sydney.

Twenty-three new film festival initiatives will roll out across the city, supported by the Screen NSW Film Festival Funding Program.

The Film Festival Funding Program was designed to encourage the screen industry to get back on its feet after two tough years of the pandemic, and allowed applicants to think big and pitch high-quality film festival activities to take place in neighbourhoods across the city with an eye to expanding into the future.

This targeted funding for film festival events is a win for audiences. It will support the local screen industry and accelerate the economic and social recovery of central business districts across Sydney, Western Sydney and South-Western Sydney.

Funded projects will take film festivals in Sydney to the next level by providing jobs and delivering new film opportunities and events.

Some of the projects being funded include the Sydney Irish Outdoor Film Festival in Sydney’s CBD, C-Town Screenings run through Campbelltown City Council, and Eating Here Out West, which will see evenings of film, food and fun in Western Sydney.

The Film Festival Funding Program is part of the NSW Government’s broader support as part of its NSW COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan.

A full list of recipients is available here.

Published: 9 June 2022