Contracts and payments

All successful funding recipients will be emailed a contract (also referred to as a Funding Agreement or Letter of Offer) for each separately funded program or project.

This process uses digital signatures so contracts can be signed and returned electronically.

What conditions apply to funding recipients?

The following conditions apply to all funding provided by Create NSW under the Arts and Cultural Development Program:

  • Funding recipients are required to sign and return a an appropriate Tax Invoice or invoice for the grant funds.
  • Funding recipients must comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, including the schedule/s and any special conditions. Funds may be suspended or repayment required if the funding recipient fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions.
  • Unless a variation is approved by authorised Create NSW officers, the funding recipient must use the funding solely for the purpose for which it was approved and the commencement and completion dates of the program/project must be adhered to. Create NSW has the right to request the return of funds if any part of the funding is not used for the purpose for which it was offered, or if any activities are not completed within the dates specified in the contract.
  • On conclusion of the funded activity, or at the date of winding up or dissolution of an organisation, the funding recipient must notify Create NSW of any unspent funds and repay that amount, including any paid GST component, to Create NSW within 30 days of a request to do so.
  • Funding recipients must ensure they comply with all relevant statutes, regulations, by-laws and requirements of the Australian Government and any State or Territory government or local authority.
  • If an application is made by a consortium or a group of organisations working collaboratively, the lead organisation will be responsible for ensuring the terms of the contract are complied with. The lead organisation is also responsible for ensuring a Memorandum of Understanding or other agreement between all organisations of the consortium or group is entered into.
  • If an application is administered, the administrating body will be responsible for invoicing Create NSW and managing the grant funds.

When are funding payments made?

Funding will be paid to successful applicants as detailed in the contract, following receipt by Create NSW of a signed copy of the contract and invoice.

Successful applicants may be required to revise information provided in their application or provide additional information before payment of funds will be made.