Artform Advisory Boards FAQs

What are the Artform Advisory Boards?
The Artform Advisory Boards bring together arts and cultural leaders from across the State, from small to medium sized organisations and major institutions as well as established and emerging artists and practitioners, to assess funding applications and make recommendations to the Minister for the Arts for the Arts and Cultural Funding Program.

Their involvement ensures consistent high-quality, inclusive representation for our assessment process.

Artform Advisory Boards have set timeframes for which prospective members must be available, with an understanding that they will serve for an initial term of up to two years, ensuring consistency across decision-making.

What are the Artform Advisory Boards?

  • Aboriginal Arts & Culture Board
  • Classical Music, Opera and Choral Board
  • Contemporary Music Board
  • Dance & Physical Theatre Board
  • Festivals Board
  • Literature Board
  • Multi-arts Board
  • Museums & History Board
  • Theatre and Musical Theatre Board
  • Visual Arts Board.

How were the ten Artform Advisory Boards determined?
We determined the Boards by assessing the rate of applications across the artforms in previous funding rounds and modelled expected increases in application numbers enabled by our reformed guidelines.

Why is there a specific Aboriginal Arts & Culture Board?
Prior to 2019, we had Aboriginal panels that assessed our Aboriginal targeted programs. Now the sector can select to have their application assessed by a specific Aboriginal-focused Board (rather than a general cross-sector of arts peers).

The Aboriginal Arts and Culture Board will also review all funding applications that advise they will deliver Aboriginal content and nominate to be assessed by another artform board. The Aboriginal Arts and Culture Board will provide advice on the Aboriginal content to the final assessing Board.

Is the assessment process simpler than before?
For funding applicants, the changes to the assessment process will not change their application experience.

Do the Board members get paid?
Board member participation will be in line with the NSW Government Boards and Committees Classification and Remuneration Framework remuneration for C2 level boards. Employees of NSW Government organisations do not receive additional remuneration to join a Board.

How are new Board Members to be chosen?
Create NSW is running an EOI process and will assess applications in terms of experience and diversity criteria. A recommendation for appointment will be made to the Minister for the Arts’ approval.

The Minster may also make a series of direct appointments for members from the State Cultural Institutions, State Significant Organisations and Major Performing Arts companies.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring appropriate representation of women, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability and young people on Government Boards and Committees. In addition, people living/working in Western Sydney and regional NSW are encouraged to apply for appointment to Artform Advisory Boards.

How are Board Chairs chosen?
Chairs are appointed by the Minister for the Arts from leading members of the NSW arts sector.

How long will members serve on Boards?
Appointment periods vary however EOI selected participants serve a one-year period with the possibility of a further one-year reappointment.

How will you manage conflicts of interest on the Boards?
All Board members will be required to declare their interests to ensure the management of any conflicts, in line with the Artform Advisory Assessment Boards Code of Conduct.

What will Create NSW’s role be in the assessment process?
Create NSW will act as secretariat for the entire process, inform eligibility and viability assessments, provide sector knowledge, client funding histories and progress Artform Advisory Assessment Board recommendations for approval by the Minister for the Arts.

How will you manage bias/undue influence or regional misrepresentation?
A Code of Conduct governs Board members’ participation.

All Boards will be convened to ensure broad inclusion from across both artform sectors and geographical representation across the State.

Will the Artform Advisory Boards be made public?
Yes, you can see a list of the members of all 10 Artform Advisory Boards.

Will regional-based Board members’ travel expenses be covered to travel to and from to Sydney to attend Assessment Board meetings?
Regional-based Board members’ travel expenses will be in line with the NSW Government Boards and Committees Classification and Remuneration Framework and we are currently confirming the conditions of this support.