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Image credit: Campbelltown Arts Centre. Photo: Tanner Architects.

Cultural infrastructure that gives all creativity a place in New South Wales

Cultural infrastructure – theatres, galleries, museums, libraries, archives, community halls, cinemas, public art and outdoor events spaces – provide the critical spaces where we come together to create, share and enjoy arts and culture. Delivering cultural infrastructure plays a role in creating great places that bring people together, great places to live, work, visit and do business.

We have developed a Cultural Infrastructure Plan 2025+ to ensure that all New South Wales benefits from cultural infrastructure. The Plan articulates the strategic priorities for New South Wales to be a place where:

  • Culture is recognised as an integral part of communities and a key element of creating great places for people to live, work, visit, play and do business. Cultural infrastructure planning is integrated with state and local planning processes.
  • Everyone can access the infrastructure they need to make culture part of their everyday lives.
  • There is an increased availability of affordable, fit-for-purpose and sustainable space to support growth of the cultural sector and creative industries.
  • Cultural infrastructure delivery and funding is supported by partnerships across NSW Government, local councils, cultural organisations, philanthropists and business.
  • Greater Sydney’s three cities become a leading cultural capital in the Asia-Pacific and continue to grow the visitor economy, employment and growth.
  • Creativity and access to culture thrives across NSW through a strategic and coordinated approach to cultural infrastructure planning.

Download the full Cultural Infrastructure Plan 2025+ (26MB)

Download the full accessible Cultural Infrastructure Plan 2025+ (12MB)

Download short version without appendices. Pages 1-79 (11MB)

Download appendices (15 MB)

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