24 Hour Economy

Liverpool City Council. Photo by Ben Williams Photography.

Liverpool City Council. Photo by Ben Williams Photography.

The NSW Government is committed to growing a vibrant, safe and diverse 24-Hour Economy to enhance the state’s standing as a global destination, and make our cities safe and great places to live, work and visit.

Arts, screen and culture play a key role in building our state’s night time vibrancy.

Create NSW is committed to supporting a strong thriving 24-Hour Economy that enables the arts and cultural sector to thrive while directly contributing to diverse offerings of night time activities that reflect and respond to audiences and communities.

Sydney 24 Hour Economy Strategy

To support the recovery and growth of the night-time economy sectors, it is now time to embrace a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and importantly, a safe 24-hour economy in Sydney.

The Government has released a 24 Hour Economy Strategy that will support the creation of jobs, foster arts and culture, and reinforce Sydney’s status as Australia’s only truly global city.

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