Willow Grove Community Reference Group

Create NSW established the Willow Grove Community Reference Group (WG-CRG) to work in partnership with the community and stakeholder groups to ensure the successful relocation and reuse of Willow Grove house.

In November 2021, the Willow Grove Community Reference Group was formed to work in partnership with community and stakeholder groups on the relocation and use of Willow Grove. Monthly meetings have been an opportunity for members to discuss project progress and to provide input throughout every step of the process.

The group consists of four community representatives as well as representatives from stakeholder organisations including:

  • Business Western Sydney
  • Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU)
  • City of Parramatta Council
  • Deerubbin Land Council
  • Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE)
  • NSW Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Parramatta Chambers of Commerce
  • Public Service Association of NSW
  • The Westmead Institution for Medical Research Foundation
  • Western Sydney Community Forum
  • Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue
  • Western Sydney University

Role of the CRG

  • Bring together stakeholder organisations and the local community to provide input on the new location and future use of Willow Grove
  • Represent and communicate the interests of the Parramatta community, by providing ongoing feedback and local insights
  • Provide connection to the broader Parramatta community
  • Respond to matters raised by community and stakeholders to assist with the flow of communication to the broader community.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

WG-CRG Agenda 22/11/2021

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 22/11/2021

WG-CRG Agenda 1/03/2022 

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 1/03/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 5/04/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 5/04/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 3/05/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 3/05/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 23/05/2022 (online)

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 7/06/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 7/06/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 5/07/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 5/07/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 2/08/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 2/08/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 6/09/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 6/09/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Agenda 4/10/2022

WG-CRG Meeting Minutes 4/10/2022