Robert Helpmann Dance Scholarship

The Robert Helpmann Scholarship is offered biennially by the NSW Government to assist a professional dancer or choreographer to further develop their career by supporting a specific artistic program put forward by the applicant.

The scholarship commemorates one of the most important Australian dancers and choreographers, the late Sir Robert Helpmann (1909–86), whose career on stage, film and television spanned the years 1923 to 1986.

The applicant’s proposal can include further study or training, professional research or the undertaking if a particular dance project. The scholarship may be undertaken in Australia or overseas.

The project must:

  • Develop a vision for future dance practice and how it shares the spirit and general intention of the scholarship
  • Provide evidence how the state would benefit from the scholarship program.

How much is available?


Who is eligible to apply?

  • Australian citizens currently resident in NSW, or
  • Persons holding permanent residence visas currently resident in NSW.

Who is ineligible to apply?

  • Previous recipients of this fellowship
  • Previous recipients of other Arts NSW (previously Ministry for the Arts) grants
  • Fellowships or scholarships who have not fulfilled the conditions of their funding.

Persons who are temporarily overseas or outside of NSW may apply, provided that they can demonstrate that NSW is their primary place of residence and that they are otherwise eligible.

Although fellowships and scholarships are usually awarded to an individual, joint applications may be accepted under certain circumstances. Enquiries regarding joint applications should be directed to Arts NSW staff on freecall 1800 358 594 (within NSW) or (02) 9228 5430 (outside NSW).

How to apply

This Scholarship is offered biennially and will next be offered in 2012.

The guidelines and application form will be available from this website in February 2012.

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