Application forms

Arts NSW has an online application system which you can use to create and submit your application for funding.

If you’re unable to access our online application system, we also have PDF applications forms which are available on request.

Freecall: 1800 358 594 (NSW)

Telephone: (02) 9228 5533

Access requirements
If you require assistance completing and/or submitting your application, please call us on the numbers above or to make a National Relay Service call:

  • Type and read, type and listen, or speak and read
    133 677 or 1800 555 677 to call a toll-free 1800 number
  • Speak and listen (speech to speech relay)
    1300 555 727 or 1800 555 727 to call a toll-free 1800 number

Our PDF application forms use Adobe Reader (version 9.1 or above).

Mac users need to download Adobe Reader for Mac and ensure that Adobe Reader is your default program for opening PDF documents before beginning a PDF application.