AOM Research Project 2023 – Participant Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved as a participating organisation – and what’s new?

Your organisation will need to send the survey to your audience sample on just one occasion this year – 2 August 2023. You’ll follow a very similar process to past rounds. What’s different this year is that we’re inviting participating organisations to help us chart the recovery story and offer a ‘reality check’ about what’s happening in the sector. After registering your involvement, you’ll be invited to opt-in to share audience figures with Patternmakers in a confidential form. Your organisation will be anonymous, but by sharing your figures from 2019 and 2022, it will help you and other organisations to see how they’re tracking relative to the wider sector.

Which audience members will we be emailing in 2023?

If you have a large database, you can draw a new random sample of 5,000 past attendees. Alternatively, if your database size is small or you’re short on time to extract a new list, you can contact the same audience sample you emailed in Phase 3 (September 2020) or Phase 6 (November 2021). Head to the FAQ page for more information about what to do.

Who is participating in the study?

As it is a tracking study, we are inviting the same cohort of organisations who participated in 2020-2022 to participate again. However, a small number of new organisations will also be invited to help send the survey this year. This is important for comparability, so that we understand how the picture is changing over time.

What will the study cover?

In 2023, the core study will provide data related to:

  • Current confidence levels and readiness to attend cultural events
  • Barriers and inhibiting factors preventing attendance at the moment
  • Spending, consumer confidence and decision-making factors in the current economic climate
  • Audience tastes and preferences over the coming year
  • Insights into how attendance behaviour and decision-making has changed since previous rounds and pre-pandemic.

The optional benchmarking will provide data related to:

  • To what extent organisations have rebuilt audiences following the pandemic
  • How the rebuilding trajectory varies across different artforms, geographic areas and organisation types.

Alongside the reporting of the full round results in August, Patternmakers will also be producing two Pulse Check reports in 2023:

  • May 2023: How audiences are responding to rising inflation
  • November 2023: A profile of regional and remote audiences.

How will I access the results?

You’ll be provided access to the aggregated dataset in the online dashboard within two weeks of the survey closing. You’ll also be sent copies of all reports by email.

You may also request an Excel file with responses from members of your database within four weeks of the survey closing. However, sample sizes may be small, and the study is designed to provide insights at the aggregated sector level.

Who should deploy the survey?

To find out more about the objectives of the Audience Outlook Monitor, and your eligibility to participate as a deploying organisation, please visit the FAQ page.

Please note that participating organisations must be audience-facing and have capacity to send the survey invitation to a minimum number of past attendees on the specified date for each phase.

What if I am not able to deploy the survey this time?

If you have concerns about your capacity to participate, or any other questions, please contact Bianca at