The Value of Culture reports

Create NSW commissioned Professor Greg Clark to review and report on the value of culture in developing successful and globalised metropolitan regions.

Create NSW is reimagining the Government’s support for the arts, screen and cultural sectors to increase liveability for communities and NSW’s competitiveness nationally and internationally by developing new policy frameworks for arts projects and cultural infrastructure. These new policy frameworks align with NSW Government’s strategic priorities, will deliver cultural and socio-economic benefits for the people of NSW and drive the State forward as a global creative destination and leader in the Asia Pacific.

Professor Clark’s reports provide a robust evidence base to support this new direction that includes international examples of success and strategies incorporating city planning. These reports demonstrate the vital role that creatives, arts, screen and cultural organisations and communities play in transforming the liveability of cities and regions, and the new approach governments internationally have adopted to fully realise opportunities.

Downloadable reports

Download Volume One

Volume 1 reviews more than 100 global reports, benchmark studies and comparative data sets to show the links between culture, place and value with specific reference to successful world city regions. It also reveals important links between culture and other public policy goals such as health, education, sustainable development, the innovation economy and social inclusion. Based on this report and given the Government’s endorsement of the Greater Sydney Commission Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities, which recognises the important role that both professional arts and everyday creativity have in developing liveability, Create NSW commissioned Professor Greg Clark to also review specific opportunities for Greater Sydney and NSW.

Download Volume Two

Volume 2 is the Greater Sydney Case study, which reviews the opportunities and imperatives for arts and culture in Greater Sydney and NSW. Changes such as digital disruption, rapidly growing and shifting populations and emerging technologies have transformed the way governments provide transport and health services, grow cities, and the way people participate in daily activities. The Greater Sydney Case Study notes that culture and creativity are the foundation of liveable cities, promoting growth, contributing to urban renewal, facilitating social cohesion, and strengthening the creative industries. The report highlights the important role that culture and creativity have in encouraging investment from business, increasing employment opportunities, and making NSW a great place to live work and visit.

Professor Clark’s biography

Professor Clark is a global advisor, author, chairman, and non-executive director on cities and urban development. He is chairman of the Business of Cities Ltd, a globally-trading advisory team based in London. The Business of Cities Ltd provides intelligence and benchmarking services on cities to a global client base. These include inter-governmental organisations such as the OECD, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, major firms such as JP Morgan, Blackrock, Jones Lang LaSalle, AirBnB, Siemens, Microsoft, ARUP, Capita, Unibail-Rodamco, and major professional associations in sectors such as Technology, Real Estate & Construction, Retail, MICE, Manufacturing, Law, Higher Education, and Financial Services.