Audience Outlook Monitor results

MCA Up Late. Photo credit Jordan Munns.

Results from the October Audience Outlook Monitor survey are now available.

In October 2022, Patternmakers, with the support of Create NSW, conducted the latest round of the Audience Outlook Monitor. The NSW snapshot report is now available.

Some key findings from the latest snapshot include:

  • 73% are ready to attend events (up from 66% in August and 60% in March), with a further 26% being more selective, and saying that they’ll attend events or venues where they’re reasonably confident the risks of transmission are minimal.
  • 8 in 10 respondents had attended an event in the fortnight leading up to the survey
  • Just under half of respondents are attending less frequently than they did before covid. This could change over time, with just over half seeing themselves increasing their frequency of attendance within the next 12 months
  • Spending hasn’t increased, with 71% spending between $50-100 on cultural activities in the previous fortnight (same as August and March)
  • Price/cost is becoming an issue as financial reasons are affecting 38% of NSW audiences (this was 16% in August) – and is now just as much of a barrier to attendance as the risk of the virus (37%)
  • Online participation still has its place, with around 42% of respondents participating in some form of online activity.

View the NSW Audience Outlook Snapshot Report (PDF version).

View the NSW Audience Outlook Snapshot Report (Accessible version).

Results from the NSW Digital Engagement Outlook are available.

In March 2022 , Patternmakers, with the support of Create NSW, conducted the latest round of the Audience Outlook Monitor. The NSW Digital Engagement Factsheet highlights the continued role of online participation in NSW.

Some key findings from the Digital Engagement Factsheet include:

  • Engagement with online arts and cultural activities has declined slightly as audiences return to in person attendance.
  • 45% of respondents said they participated online in the previous fortnight (9 -13 March 2022)
  • NSW audiences are the most likely to pay for online arts and cultural experiences (36%) compared to other states.
  • 28% of audiences see a substantial role for digital in their lives. Some respondents noted that digital activities allow them to overcome barriers and engage with arts in a safe way.

View the NSW Digital Engagement Outlook 2022.

Previous NSW Snapshot Reports

National Snapshot Reports are available from the Australia Council’s website.

Use the dashboard to get results for your artform and region

Survey data from Australian respondents has been aggregated in a freely available dashboard, to assist artists and cultural organisations.

Read more about the methodology and the types of events that are included.

Access the dashboard by following the link below and entering the login details provided. For guidance on how to use the dashboard, visit the Australian homepage for the dashboard, where you can watch a tour or download a guide.

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Password: Australia
Please share your reflections and insights using the hashtag #audienceoutlookmonitor

About the Audience Outlook Monitor

The results now available represent phases of the study that track how audiences feel about returning to events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data was collected between May 2020 and March 2022.

The dashboard is freely accessible and designed to help artists and cultural organisations of all kinds to make the best possible decisions about re-opening.

How to find out more

More Snapshot Reports, Fact Sheets and resources will be made available throughout 2022. To receive these directly into your inbox, as soon as they are available, you can opt in to receive Audience Outlook Monitor news straight from the researchers.

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