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Innovating Dance Practice grant program

Innovating Dance Practice grant program

The Innovating Dance Practice grant is an initiative of Ausdance NSW to assist professional dance practitioners residing in NSW to develop and innovate their practice. Funds for this program are made available by Arts NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

Arts NSW chatted with Ausdance NSW Director, Michelle Silby to find out what this new small grants program is all about.

What are you looking for in applications?

The grant is designed for independent dance artists to take their practice to the next level, to explore new territory for the individual. Something you have always wanted to do, but have kept on the backburner, something that advances your practice and enables you to explore new territory.

Can you give us some examples of what Ausdance considers to be innovative?

Innovation will be individual to the artist. It must be a new way of working for you, something you have not yet done. For instance, the applicant could:

  • be based in regional NSW, and keen to try an internship at a company in a metropolitan area or another state
  • attend a conference that furthers their knowledge and practice
  • extend/expand/explore their movement practice into a different space, technology or field
  • connect with a new mentor
  • work within another artform that aligns or informs their dance practice
  • explore the dance sector in an international context.

These are a few of many possibilities!

What do you consider to be unique professional development opportunities?

Unique professional development opportunities are relative to the dance practitioners situation. For instance, the applicant could:

  • be city based and wish to explore a regional or interstate/international opportunity
  • be regionally based and wish to explore an opportunity that presents in a metro area

Or it could be a mixture of both. Either way, it needs to be new territory for the applicant, something they have not already done. And the applicants needs to demonstrate how the opportunity is beneficial to their professional development.

What are some ‘unlikely’ collaborations?

Examples of ‘unlikely’ collaborations could include a:

  • connection with an artist from a different artform
  • different field of expertise, such as science
  • new non-traditional space to explore; such as a gallery or a swimming pool…
  • new relationship that is askew to the natural path of exploration for their practice, yet feeds their enquiry in a different context.

Most importantly…

The purpose of the grant is professional development, push boundaries, inspire and develop dance artists’ skills.

Applications close on 16 August 2016. For further information on the Innovating Dance Practice grant program click here.

The Innovating Dance Practice grant program is administered by Ausdance NSW and supported by Arts NSW. 

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Published: 4 August 2016