The Street University to livestream NSW’s finest talent for Make Music Day 2020

A.GIRL. Photo by Kumehanik.

A.GIRL. Photo by Kumehanik.

As part of Make Music Day 2020 The Street University LIVE, an online platform linking young artists to professionals in a collaborative virtual setting, will be launching at 5pm on Sunday21 June. We caught up with the team at Street University to hear more about what they have planned for this exciting livestream event.

Why did The Street University decide to get involved in Make Music Day this year?

We have been wanting to get more involved for a few years now, as we are an organisation that truly believes in the healing power of music, which perfectly aligns with the concept of Make Music Day. Previously we had coordinated music workshops for the Festival, but this year the timing worked out great for a major livestream event, which we were already coordinating. The stars aligned and here we are.

Why is music so important and powerful at this present moment?

Music is always important and powerful. It has the power to heal and bring people together, no matter what their race, religion, or nationality. I guess now, as we face a changing world, dealing with the traumas of the past and present, music is a fantastic tool to help us heal.

What do you hope viewers will take from this performance?

We hope that viewers walk away realising the enormous amount of talent coming out of Australian youth, our performers are some of the hottest young acts in the country, and we want to give them a platform to show these talents to the world.

How has The Street University used the digital hub to stay connected to the community during these uncertain times?

When the COVID-19 restrictions were coming in we were already planning ways to continue delivering our services to the community. That need to stay connected that followed restrictions, gave birth to Street University LIVE, our virtual youth centre. In three days, we created a virtual community where we could continue to stay connected to our youth, providing them with access to our creative and life skill workshops, counselling services, and more. We have been testing this concept with our existing client base and we are ready to officially launch it to the world.

Tell us about The Street University – how can viewers get involved?
The Street University is a youth development project created by the Ted Noffs Foundation, which provides various community-based services and interactive spaces for people aged 12 to 25. Our aim is to help them realise their dreams, harness their potential, and to create positive outcomes for their lives and their community.

If you love quality Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul music, grab your ticket to the show via humanitix and we will show you some amazing entertainment from some of the best young artists in the country. We’ll also invite any viewers 25-years-old and under to be a part of the Street University community. Unfortunately, the older viewers (much love to the elders) will have to become volunteers, or staff members, if they want to get involved in helping us bring these quality services to the community. They are still welcome to watch the show!

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Image: A.GIRL. Photo by Kumehanik.

Published: 19 June 2020