Sydney Film Festival 2017 Program Preview  

Film Mountain. Image courtesy of Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival is returning in June. Below we explore some of the highlights of its preview program.

Earlier this month the Festival dropped its first 25 films that include music docos by names like Nick Broomfield (Kurt & Courtney, Biggie and Tupac), new Australian talents, festival hits and top prize winners from Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals. The early line-up also includes acclaimed names like Cristian Mungiu, Lav Diaz and Agnieszka Holland.

Film sessions on sale now: the David Stratton retrospective Essential Kurosawa: Selected by David Stratton is the first program strand announcement for 2017. This is an exciting and rare opportunity to see this masterpiece on the big screen!

The Festival has released tickets for the first 25 Preview Films and its full program tickets are on sale on Wednesday 10 May.

For true film cinefiles out there, Flexipasses are also on sale. Flexipasses can be booked in packs of 10, 20, or 30 tickets, and can be shared.  Get your Flexipasses at this link:

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Published: 12 April 2017