Opportunity to perform on moving trains and stations – registration of interest

Seeking musicians, singers, bands, symphonies, schools and choirs to activate dynamic Transport spaces on Make Music Day 21 June 2019. Performers of all genres and styles, from all backgrounds, enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Register your interest in performing on moving trains from Newcastle, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains, Wynyard Station or Mortuary Station.

What is the opportunity?

Create NSW has partnered with Sydney Trains to activate carriages on moving trains and stations on Make Music Day 21 June 2019.

What is Make Music Day?

Make Music Day is an annual celebration of live music in the everyday on 21 June each year. All events are live, free and open to the public. Begun in France in 1982, it now spans over 800 cities in 125 countries.

What are the available Transport sites?

  • Carriages on moving trains – Newcastle to Central (for Newcastle-based musicians and singers)
  • Carriages on moving trains – Wollongong to Central (for Wollongong-based musicians and singers)
  • Carriages on moving trains – Blue Mountains to Central (for Blue Mountains-based musicians and singers)
  • Wynyard Station
  • Mortuary Station.

Tell me more about the moving trains.

Musicians and singers who are based in Newcastle, Wollongong or the Blue Mountains are invited to register their interest to perform on trains running between those three centres and Central Station. Boarding at Newcastle, Wollongong or a Blue Mountains Line station, you will journey some or all of the way to Central Station, performing in a designated carriage (the opposite of a ‘quiet carriage’).

What is available at the sites?

You will be provided will access to the sites. You will need to bring all equipment that you need with you. Please note that electricity will not be provided.

How will the scheduling work?

The list of registered acts will be given to the managers of the sites who will program based on availability and genre mix.

How will the gig be promoted?

Your performance will be promoted through Create NSW’s social media.

You are encouraged to promote the gig yourself through your social media and other promotional venues.

Will musicians and singers be paid?

There is no fee attached for these performances. However, you are welcome to put out a hat, with no busking licence required.

What else do I need to know?

You will need public liability. If you do not have public liability, you can get it from an insurance company. MusicNSW has information on their website that will help you locate an insurance company for public liability.

Published: 14 May 2019