NSW Government invites arts and cultural organisations to become Creative Kids program providers

Become a Creative Kids Provider

Become a Creative Kids Provider

The NSW Government has launched a new initiative to help increase the participation of school-aged children with creative and cultural activities.

If your organisation offers creative and cultural activities to school-aged children, apply now via Service NSW to become a Creative Kids provider.

From 1 January 2019, parents, guardians and carers can apply for a $100 voucher for each school-enrolled child for each calendar year as part of the four year program.

The voucher may be used with an approved activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for performing arts, visual arts, coding, languages, literary, music and other eligible creative and cultural activities.

Apply to become a Creative Kids provider online here: service.nsw.gov.au/creativekids, or call 13 77 88, or find your local Service Centre here: service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre.

CASE STUDY: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Has there been an increase in enrolments in the creative activities due to Creative Kids subsidy?
Yes, there has been. Our current home-school program increased from classes being in single figures to being at capacity.

Is this because of the reduced cost for parents?
Yes, parents have commented about how the costs has been reduced for them.

Is this because of the Creative Kids promotion/advertising?
Yes. We have advertised it through our channels as being a creative kids provider.

Is this because you developed new activities or bundled activities? If yes – what have you introduced?
We have introduced some 2 day holiday workshops otherwise a lot of our other existing workshops were used for the creative kids vouchers such as Home-school program, and our after school program.

What are the positive impacts on children’s wellbeing, skills, curiosity, creativity and confidence?
We have sustained interest in the art-based programs. We have had much more repeated visitation to our programs. Children enjoy being creative in a non-school based setting and not at home.

Have you grown your business because of Creative Kids?
Yes, we have seen an increase in our visitation for home-school and holiday programs.

Any quotes from children or parents we could use?
“Without the creative Kids voucher I wouldn’t have been possible for my son to attend all the incredible creative experiences he participated in over the April School Holidays. The Creative Kids voucher made it possible for my child to access creative opportunities which are critical for his development, social experiences and being able to engage in the world around him in new and extraordinary ways.” – Parent whose child attended a workshop from the April School Holiday Program.

Published: 29 November 2018