Micro music festivals to showcase Western Sydney’s talent

Mt Druitt musician Van Sereno. Image: Arts NSW

Mt Druitt musician Van Sereno. Image: Arts NSW

Western Sydney musicians and bands will play in streets, cafes, shops, parks and malls as a part of a new funding initiative to promote live music in the state’s fastest-growing region.

Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant has invited Western Sydney councils to submit proposals for family-friendly, community-based micro music festivals.

These events are great news for Western Sydney musicians, venues and local audiences, and are set to take place over the next two years.

The Western Sydney Live and Local Initiative is a partnership between Western Sydney Councils and the Live Music Office, supported by $150,000 from Arts NSW.

This funding is a part of the $7.5 Million election commitment to enhance and support arts and culture in Western Sydney over the next four years.

This is an initiative which involves three tiers of government working together to develop participation in the arts. It speaks directly to the strengths of the sector in Western Sydney and responds to the action to support live music in Create in NSW.

The events will be coordinated by The Live Music Office using its Live and Local model for a four-hour, multi-venue live music event in local communities.

The Fossicks

The Fossicks. Image: Arts NSW

With a strong youth focus, the festivals will provide employment and opportunities for Western Sydney-based musicians to celebrate their local communities and raise their profiles.

Live Music Office Policy Director, John Wardle said Western Sydney councils and communities are encouraged to use their imaginations to engage with musicians and businesses and create safe, vibrant and innovative festivals.

“Acts will play in a diverse array of venues unique to their local areas including shops, cafes, parks, malls, restaurants, clubs and hotels,” Mr Wardle said.

“Western Sydney has a great legacy in contributing to popular Australian music and these events will be sure to uncover future leading talent.”

The Live Music Office will be seeking expressions of interest in July from Western Sydney’s councils to stage Live and Local events.

Strategic funding is a key mechanism for driving outcomes against planned and developing priorities, including those emerging from the Create in NSW policy framework, and to respond to new opportunities, challenges and issues.

New initiatives and other opportunities will be developed throughout the year. Information on these will be published on the Arts NSW website.

For more information about Strategic Initiative Funding, please click here

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Published: 20 May 2016