Jannah Beth is encouraging acceptance and connectivity as she sings praises for Make Music Day 2018

Jannah Beth

Jannah Beth

You might not know Jannah Beth yet…introducing Jannah, a diverse Sydney artist delivering a unique mix of smooth raps, soulful melodies, and experimental beats.


How did you get started as an artist?

Music began as a therapy for me, writing poetry in early primary school – I was very drawn to the space I could create for myself and the clarity I gained from writing. I became enchanted with rhythm and learnt to play the drums which later on combined with my poetry to become the beginnings of my song writing. It’s never really been anything else, so my guess since birth. Maybe it’s destiny.

Who are your influences?

As I am so influenced by rhythm and rhyme, Hip Hop has been a big part of my influence and makes up a portion of my own listening. Artists like Kendrick, Little Simz are standouts for me as well as people like Sampha, who I find artistic, classic and interesting. I am also influenced by visual artists and take daily inspiration from my surroundings, people and nearly everything. Even you might end up in song.

What do you think bringing Make Music Day to Australia will do for Australian artists?

To be honest I’d never heard of Make Music Day previously to getting involved with this event, but I’ve come to learn that in France, where it started 36 years ago they have a public holiday and the streets are filled with music everywhere. I think it’s a great way to connect globally with a community of people who are on a mission to liven up the streets with music. It’s grassroots beautiful and people could benefit from connecting together on levels like this, it’s something for everyone – not just the artists.

Can you tell us what excites you about Make Music Day?

I think a holiday that is about celebrating music and everybody joining in to collaborate is special. Everybody listens to music. A day of participating in something that takes up such a big place in our day to day lives would encourage acceptance and connectivity within a community. It also may encourage people to engage with the role of music in our lives and leave us to ponder what role music has played in history. Movements like Make Music Day are a step closer to celebrations like this, so I find it exciting for that reason.

What’s next for you?

I’m about to release a song in July! It’s exciting to think I’ll be able to share it soon. Stay tuned, there is a groovy film clip to accompany. Other than that, it’s back into the studio to keep writing music and refining my process – I think I’ll have a busy year ahead!

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Published: 18 June 2018