Create NSW and SBS/NITV announce focus for second year of Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund

Behind the scenes on Transblack, produced by Mitch Stanley.

Behind the scenes on Transblack, produced by Mitch Stanley.

Create NSW and SBS/NITV announced that the second year of the Generator: Emerging Filmmakers Fund (GEFF) initiative will champion emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers.

The Fund is open to short film proposals, of 5-15 min maximum duration with at least one, preferably two Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander key creatives (writer, producer, director) attached. These short film proposals may include drama, factual, animation or experimental projects for broadcast, appealing to a wide audience.

On approval, up to six successful applicants will receive $30,000 in production funding to realise their ambition; $15,000 from Create NSW and a $15,000 licence fee from SBS. Producers will need to raise any additional finance they require.

Applicants are advised to read the eligibility guidelines before applying.

Applications open until midnight Sunday, 2 December 2018. APPLY here.

Watch the 2018 GEFF short films here

Fund information below:

Who is eligible
What project formats are available
How much can I apply for
How will my applications be assessed
What are the terms of funding

Who is eligible?

Applications must have at least one Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander key creative (writer, producer, director).

Applicants will generally be NSW based key creatives, individuals or companies or have at least one NSW based key creative (writer, producer or director) attached.

The Applicant must have a valid ABN and, if required by law, be registered for GST.

The Applicant must hold the rights to the project.

A different set of key creatives may apply on non-linear projects or animation. The key creatives must all be permanent residents of NSW.

Previous EFF and GEFF recipients are not eligible to apply to the Fund, however any key creative who has previously been a recipient of EFF or GEFF are eligible to apply in a different role (e.g. a producer can be a writer etc.)

A team must comprise of at least two members, and all teams must include a producer.

One person cannot be both the producer and director on the project. However, writer/director or writer/producer are eligible.

The key creative team may include only one person who has substantial previous professional (i.e. paid) film or television experience as a writer, director or producer.

Create NSW is committed to supporting increased participation in the industry of people from underrepresented groups including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from CaLD backgrounds, people with disability, LGBTQI people, people from western Sydney and people from regional NSW.

What project formats are eligible?

Create NSW is seeking projects with at least one of the three key creatives (writer, director, producer) who must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Projects must be:

  • at least 5mins to a maximum of 15 minutes in duration;
  • fully developed and ready to shoot by middle of February 2019;
  • produced and post-produced entirely in NSW;
  • shot on and mastered on HD and able to be screened via theatrical release, television, online or mobile, once TX has taken place on SBS/NITV and subject to standard SBS holdbacks;
  • Maximum Australian Classification MA 15+
  • priority will be given to applications which explore Indigenous content.

Please read these guidelines alongside the Create NSW Terms of Trade and SBS Codes of Practice and SBS Editorial Guidelines.

Preferably the project should be PRODUCTION READY at the time of application and must be capable of being delivered no later than Friday 31 May 2019. Principal Photography must commence no later than mid February 2019.

Please note: GEFF Projects cannot apply for nor receive funding from any other short film initiative or fund.

An individual can submit or be attached to multiple applications; however we’d advise you to put your most competitive projects forward.

Requests can be made for production and post-production costs only.

Grant monies cannot be used for retrospective funding or to purchase equipment.

Third-party investment is allowed under specific conditions and following consultation with Create NSW and SBS/NITV. Third-party investors must sit behind any deferrals in the recoupment structure.

Sponsorship and product placement may be allowed in the form of a grant, not an investment (it cannot be recoupable) but must be approved by SBS/NITV in advance.

How much can I apply for?

Create NSW will contribute $15,000 and the SBS licence fee is $15,000. Producers will need to raise any additional finance to make their films.

We encourage applicants to approach industry facilities and negotiate deals, as well as crowd funding, distribution and other sources of funds to finance their project that conform to the SBS’s published editorial policies and codes of practice.

How will my applications be assessed?

Create NSW and SBS/NITV will review and assess the applications against the following criteria:

  • whether the project and team meet the eligibility requirements;
  • the strength and distinctiveness of the concept;
  • the strength of the story and the quality of the submitted materials;
  • the potential of the project to reach its target audience;
  • the track record of the Key Creative(s) and/or associated companies;
  • the potential of the project to be realised from Development through to production to distribution and exhibition;
  • the appropriateness of the budget and schedule, and the team’s ability to realise the project within it;
  • evidence that the project/story is fully developed and ready for production;
  • the cultural and economic benefit the project will provide to NSW, including career development.

What are the terms of funding?

Please refer to the Create NSW Terms of Trade.

Successful teams will have a briefing and liaise with the GEFF Executive Producer, a Production Company appointed by Create NSW and SBS/NITV.

At this point, we will discuss Create NSW and SBS requirements, provide feedback, and go over any questions you may have.

You will need to finalise and execute the Create NSW grant agreement and the SBS Presale Licence within 6 weeks from the date of the briefing, unless otherwise agreed.

If this does not occur, the decision to financially support the project may lapse.

Obligations to Create NSW will include the following:

  • Create NSW will contract only with the Applicant
  • Projects must be completed in accordance with the terms of the Create NSW and SBS agreements.
  • The Applicant will need to enter into a service agreement with each member of the key creative team and enter into any other relevant agreements required in order for the applicant to own or control the rights in the project.
  • Create NSW and SBS will need to approve these agreements noted above prior to executing its grant agreement to the Applicant.
  • Grant funds cannot be drawn down until a grant agreement with Create NSW and the SBS Presale Agreement has been executed and specific conditions met.

A copy of our pro forma GEFF grant agreement can be found here.


If you have any queries about your application, please contact:

Andrea Ulbrick | Sector Investment Manager
E: | P: 02 8289 6549

Saara March | Sector Investment Officer
E: | P: 02 8289 6504


Published: 3 October 2018