Create Ideas: thought-provoking, industry-led panel discussions

Join Create NSW for a series of upcoming panel discussions on a range of thought-provoking and insightful topics. 

Exploring the Future – Museum Protocols & Practices, Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 11.30am
Join presenter, Colin Kinchela in a lively online discussion with Aunty Jeanette Crew OAM and David Crew, Djon Mundine OAM, Alison Williams, and Matt Poll.

Global shifts in museum practices are promoting more cross-cultural and polyvocal approaches to collection interpretation and to the audience experience. New processes for museums are evolving from the role of closed authoritative sites of knowledge to facilitators – to reflect public discourse within the communities they operate.

In the wake of significant investment in the building of new museums across NSW, it is timely to discuss the role of our museums as cultural institutions – and how they engage with their communities to reflect our past, respond to the present, and inform our future.

Leaders in contemporary thinking on museum best practices in Australia will gather to discuss how these progressions are currently being addressed across the sector, from regional volunteer museums to the major institutions, and what the future of inclusive and dynamic history looks like.


Taking Up Residence, Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 2.30pm
Join our all-female First Nation’s panel discussion – Taking Up Residence – hosted by Lily Shearer. Lily will lead and engage in a culturally rich conversation with First People’s artists Lorrayne Fishenden, Bethany Thornber, and Alison Williams about their experiences of leading and participating in On-Country Residencies in regional NSW.

Taking Up Residence will provide a unique opportunity to hear about First People’s arts practices and what they mean in residencies, advocation of infrastructure for First Peoples’ residencies, Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP) and inclusion practices for non-First Nations people.

This panel will inspire, challenge, and change the way you think about creating, and developing future artworks On Country.


24-Hour Economy – Recharging Sydney’s Creative Capital, Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 4.30pm
The Sydney 24-Hour Economy Strategy was launched in September 2020 and proposes many changes for Sydney that would herald a new chapter for live music venues, restaurants, theatres, shops, cinemas, and cultural institutions – leading a revitalised economy.

You’re invited to join the Create NSW Idea’s panel The 24-Hour Economy – Recharging Sydney’s Creative Capital – which will explore actions and ideas that will have a positive impact on Sydney’s 24-hour economy. The panel will also discuss how arts, screen and culture play a vital role in establishing a 24-hour economy.

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session. Panellists include: Fenella Kernebone (host), Lisa Havilah, Kerri Glasscock and Carla Theunissen.


Published: 23 September 2021