Anna Serner: delivering a 50/50 gender mandate to the Swedish productions and what Australia can do better

Keynote Address presented by the Ethics Centre and For Film’s Sake Film Festival

As CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, Anna Serner implemented the groundbreaking, controversial, and arguably well overdue 50/50 gender mandate for all Swedish productions. Serner achieved parity in funding and development in just three years through a fearless commitment to transparency; continuously mining statistics to uncover bias and enforce fairness.

Paving the way for the rest of the world lagging behind, Serner holds an extensive marketing background, is an incredible speaker, and an internationally renowned thought leader for equality in the film industry, on and off screen.

The For Films Sake film festival (FFS), will present Anna in her first Australian appearance after delivering keynotes in Cannes, Berlin, Canada, New York and native Sweden. In collaboration with the Ethics Centre, FFS will provide access and insight to the Swedish case study whilst delivering recommendations for our own domestic industries through the presentation of a round table discussion chaired by Kym Middleton (The Ethics Centre) featuring renowned screen industry analyst Professor Deb Verhoeven (RMIT) and consumer psychologist and unconscious bias afficionado Adam Ferrier (Cummins&Partners).

This important audience-engaged discussion is a must for all champions and challengers to change, to fully understand our individual and collective responsibilities in changing decades of disparity.

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Published: 12 April 2017