A message from Interim Chief Executive, Create NSW

Yesterday the Minister for the Arts announced my appointment as Interim Chief Executive, Create NSW. I’ve had the good fortune to get to know a broad cross-section of the NSW arts and culture sector through my work leading the planning and delivery of the Government’s $2.5 billion cultural infrastructure renewal. The changed Create NSW leadership structure will bring all of Create NSW’s initiatives under my leadership.

I am looking forward to working closely with you as we re-emerge from the incredibly difficult couple of years our industry has faced. Create NSW exists to support and amplify the work that you do, and I am committed to strengthening our relationships with you and working in partnership together.

Under my leadership, Create will work to further improve the way we communicate and deliver our services – whether it’s through the administration of our various grants; supporting the sector to re-emerge stronger from the pandemic; or providing advice and advocacy alongside our stakeholders. We will strive to provide outstanding customer service in everything we do.

I am keen to hear your perspective on how Create NSW can best support you and I will be reaching out over the coming weeks for your thoughts.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the contribution of my colleague Chris Keely, who will finish up with Create in mid-March. Chris has worked very hard to support the sector over the past two years and his commitment is commendable.

I look forward to engaging with you as we work together to grow our sector and showcase our world-class arts and cultural life for citizens and tourists alike.

All the very best –

Annette Pitman
Interim Chief Executive, Create NSW

Published: 22 February 2022