New board members appointed to NSW Cultural Institutions

The NSW Government today confirmed nine new appointments and seven reappointments to the boards of five of the State’s cultural institutions. These appointments bring fresh, diverse perspectives that will be invaluable to each Board, particularly as the institutions embark on exciting transformation with new infrastructure development and renewal.

The appointments, which take effect from 1 January 2023 for a three-year term, will see women make up 60 per cent of all board positions.

Art Gallery of NSW Trust

Ms Kiera Grant and Mrs Liz Lewin join the board of the Art Gallery of NSW Trust as new appointments, alongside Mr Tony Albert, Ms Anita Belgiorno-Nettis AM and Mr Andrew Cameron AM who are all reappointed to the board. The Hon. Mrs Ashley Dawson-Damer AM and Ms Gretel Packer AM finish their terms at the end of the year.

Australia Museum Trust

The Australian Museum Trust welcomes the appointment of Professor Shirley Alexander AM, Mr Brett Clegg, Ms Jennifer Dalitz and Mr David Feetham. Outgoing Trust President Mr David Armstrong hands over to Mr Brian Hartzer as the incoming President of the Trust.  Mr Steven Gregg, Dr Roderic Kefford AM and Ms Sara Watts will conclude their terms on the board at the end of the year.

Library Council of NSW

Reappointed to the Library Council of NSW are Dr Christopher Allen and Ms Jane Garling.

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Trust

Ms Suzie Laundy and Mr Peter Poulet have been reappointed to the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Trust.

Sydney Opera House Trust

Ms Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, Mr Allan Vidor AM, and Ms Sara Watts take up appointments to the board of the Sydney Opera House Trust, as the Hon. Bruce Baird AM, Ms Jillian Segal AO and Mr Phillip Wolanski AM conclude their terms.