Variations to funded activities are sometimes required and can be submitted to Create NSW at different stages of the funding cycle.

You are required to use your funding for the activities which were approved at the time you were funded. You must seek approval from Create NSW before making any significant variations to your activities and/or the budget approved by Create NSW when you received funding.

You are required to submit a Variation Form if there will be significant changes to your approved funded activity, including:

  • the key personnel for your program/project
  • the location of your activities
  • the start and/or end dates of your activity
  • the key deliverables and key performance indicators for your program/project
  • your budget.

To receive Create NSW approval, proposed changes must be in line with the objectives of the original funding category and the intended outcomes of the original activity funded.

Variations are submitted online through Create NSW’s grants portal in SmartyGrants.

To discuss any changes to your funded activity and the online variation process please Contact us.