Business Skills Development Program

Create NSW will be offering selected ACFP applicants the opportunity to undertake a Business Skills Development Program with Creative Plus Business.

In each of the funding Rounds, during the assessment of applications, Artform Boards may identify applicants who they believe may benefit from Creative Plus Business’s GROW program.

The GROW program is a series of four one hour meetings designed to help individuals and small to medium organisations to stay on track and remain focused and accountable through a period of change growth and development. During each session, the advisor will:

  • Identify where the practitioner feels that they need help;
  • Work together to create a goal or find a solution with those challenges in mind;
  • Come  up  with  an  Action  Plan,  some  ‘homework’  to  help  with  next  steps and accountability.

Selected applicants will be invited to participate.  Applicants will also have an additional two lab sessions with Create NSW staff for feedback on grant funding applications.

Once a selected applicants accept an offer to participate then their details will be given to Creative Plus Business to arrange the GROW sessions.

For further information of Creative Plus Business visit:

For Further information on the GROW program visit: