2022 SoundLab Residency Program

SoundLab Studio, Image credit: Victor Caringal

SoundLab Studio, Image credit: Victor Caringal.

Applications for the 2022 SoundLab Residency Program are closed.

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We recommend reading the full guidelines on this page before completing your application.

Apply now

To submit your application you will need to complete and submit the relevant application form through our secure online grants system, SmartyGrants.

Key dates

  • Applications open: 21 June 2022
  • Applications close: 25 July 2022
  • Residency Dates: 1 October to 28 February 2022.

*Late applications will not be accepted as the assessment process commences immediately after the deadline.


If you are an applicant with disability, and you require this information in a format which is accessible to you, or if you require this information in another language, you can contact us on the details above between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

The National Relay service numbers are:

TTY users: Phone 133 677 then ask for (02) 8289 6520

Speak and Listen users: Phone 1300 555 727 then ask for (02) 8289 6520

Internet Relay users: Connect to NES then ask for (02) 8289 6520.


Create NSW has partnered with premiere engineering firm Arup to offer artists a state-of-the-art professional development opportunity in the Arup SoundLab facility.

The program will involve four 4-week residencies, which guarantee successful applicants access to the SoundLab for at least 10 hours per week.

Create NSW will provide support of $3,750 per successful applicant towards this professional development opportunity.

The residency is an opportunity for artists to experiment, design and create in a space designed for critical listening, exploration and understanding sound, with an Ambisonic loudspeaker array, and an option for integrating VR technology.

SoundLab is a listening room’ designed by Arup’s multidisciplinary team. It carefully considers room geometry providing a uniform frequency response across the space. A low-profile, laser-cut meshed raised floor system enables installation of studio monitors directly below SoundLab’s seating area – immersing the audience in 360-degree sound (16.2 channel surround sound).

Create NSW encourages applicants who may have a work in progress and wish to test their work in the SoundLab.

Please note the SoundLab is not a recording studio and is not set up with recording equipment. For any recording you want to undertake during your residency you will need to bring your own equipment.

The SoundLab Residency Program aims to:

  • provide NSW artists with space and time for professional development in a unique environment
  • support the development and experimentation of work by NSW artists working with sound
  • increase employment opportunities for artists in NSW.


Four residencies will take place from October 2022 to February 2023. Your project must take place within a defined 4-week period. Exact dates will be negotiated with successful applicants.

Who can apply? 

To be eligible for the SoundLab Residency Program you need to meet the following criteria:

Applicant type:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has been residing in NSW over the last 12 months;
  • a professional artist or an arts/cultural worker (including museum workers) with a commitment to arts and cultural work as a major aspect of their working life (even if this work is not the main source of their income);
  • have a degree of training, experience or manner of working that allows their work to be assessed against the highest practiced standards in their relevant artform or discipline.

*Applications are encouraged from interdisciplinary artists working with sound. Applicants can be at any stage in their career. This opportunity is not artform specific. However, a history of practice in music, sound or vocal performance is important.

If applying as an Individual:

  • you can apply without an ABN, if successful you will be required to either; obtain an Individual/Sole Trader ABN OR engage a Funds Administrator.

If applying as a Group, you can provide:

  • a members’ Individual/Sole Trader ABN OR
  • a Partnership ABN OR
  • an Unincorporated Entity ABN

All other ABN’s are ineligible, including Company/Incorporated Association ABN’s.

If successful, applicants will need to provide up-to-date Personal Liability Insurance (PLI) to Arup prior to commencing residency.

You are ineligible to apply if:

  • you are a commercial enterprise
  • your project contravenes advice from the Federal or NSW Government in relation to public health orders
  • your ABN entity is not as listed above.

How will my application be assessed?

Applications will be assessed internally by NSW Government staff; however, advice may be sought from the Create NSW Contemporary Music Artform Board if necessary.

Further advice and/or clarification may be requested from applicants by Create NSW during the assessment process.

Create NSW staff will make final recommendations with reference to the assessment criteria, artform, demographics and the distribution, range and scale of recommended applicants.

This may include prioritising applicants living and/or working in regional NSW, people living and/or working in Western Sydney, Aboriginal people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disability and young people.

Prioritisation of recommended applicants ensures equity across the state and the best outcomes for NSW Government investment.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Project Merit

Your application should demonstrate:

  • the artistic overview of what you will develop in your residency
  • how the SoundLab residency will contribute to our artform development
  • the quality and reputation of your previous work
  1. Project Impact

Your application should demonstrate:

  • how the SoundLab residency will impact your practice
  • how you may engage artists and/or audiences to share your works
  1. Project Viability

Your application should demonstrate:

  • effective planning and understanding of the unique SoundLab environment
  • proficiency in sound software (Pro tools, Logic Pro, Max/MSP etc)


Final recommendations are submitted for the consideration of the Minister for the Arts.

SoundLab Technical Specifications

The SoundLab equipment available for use to resident artists consists of:

  • Ambisonic Loudspeaker Array consisting of 16 x Genelec 8030A and 2 x Genelec 7060B
  • Tesira BiAmp w/ Dante – used as output audio interface to the loudspeaker array; no line/mic inputs available
  • Extron DTP Crosspoint 4K Series
  • 52” Flat Panel Display (HDMI input)
  • HTC Vive VR System
  • Barco Clickshare
  • mySmart Lighting Control System

The facilities include provisions to enable artists to connect their personal laptop via network port to the audio interface used to output to the loudspeaker array.

A SoundLab infrastructure briefing guide will be set in place for the artist’s information however, the artist is expected to be self-sufficient.

If an artist requires more technical provisions than the SoundLab includes, the artist will provide it themselves. This may include (but not be limited to) a mixing desk, input sound card, musical instruments, MIDI controllers, etc.

Application queries

For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or questions in the form, please email or call:

Image: SoundLab Studio, Image credit: Victor Caringal.