Wharf 4/5

Wharf 4 & 5

Wharf 4 & 5

Wharf 4/5 is a major arts facility within the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct. The main focus of Wharf 4/5 is theatre and dance.

The site attracts around 500,000 visitors and participants each year and facilities included three theatres, a dance performance space, a number of dance studios and rehearsal/workshop spaces, as well as a café, bar and restaurant.

Redevelopment of the Walsh bay Arts Precinct, including Wharf 4/5, commenced in late 2018 and is due for completion in 2020. The redevelopment will boost an already dynamic hub with new opportunities for rich and diverse cultural works and events for public enjoyment.

Resident organisations of Wharf 4/5 prior to the redevelopment included:

Post redevelopment resident organisations of Wharf 4/5 will include:

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